What are the biggest myths about cybersecurity?

Jun 3, 2022 | Cybersecurity Explained | 0 comments

Innovation. Transition to digital. More and more businesses and organizations in the past decade have discovered they can optimize their processes, services, and daily operations by adopting digital technologies. That approach has revolutionized many industries and even created new ones. However, one crucial aspect remains – the digital and physical infrastructure that makes all of this possible. Digital transformation carries its challenges and risks. The top priority for organizations today is to keep the information they store protected. It is not enough to have a sound alarm system and guards for your office anymore. What is crucial is related to all digital assets, known as cybersecurity. 

While in the recent past, cybersecurity was a field only giant corporations could afford, today, it has become more and more of a necessary investment even for small and medium companies. The wider adoption and penetration of cybersecurity measures and practices has led to many myths that quickly spread among the public. And in this article, we will try to break down the most common ones. 

Myth #1: It is too expensive for small and medium-sized companies to invest in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity costs may have been high in the past. Today, many expert companies in cybersecurity offer affordable solutions like vCISO that are perfect for small and medium-sized companies. Business owners and managers who say they can’t invest in cybersecurity measures don’t realize the potential damage a cyber-attack could have on their business. We are not talking only about the financial aspects here, and reputational damage could be far worse than any loss on the balance sheets. 

As Todor Kunev from 3Cyber-Sec’s expert team says: “If small and medium companies consider investing in cybersecurity, they should be aware that it takes decades to build trust, a loyal customer base, and a successful cyberattack can ruin all of that in a matter of minutes.”

Myth #2: Cybersecurity is a concern for the IT-department only

That is another common myth among the public. Any company considering that “Cybersecurity is a matter of IT Department only” will fail to involve the C-level in managing the entire corporate cyber security risk. And it will get delegated to IT technical staff, which is a huge mistake. It is like saying the financial security of the company matter only to the accountant.  

Cybersecurity should be a company priority set by the top management, and they are the people that should allocate time and resources to building the 360-cyber defense of the organization. Part of their efforts should be creating and nurturing strong cybersecurity culture and awareness among all staff members. 

For example, a phishing email could target any employee, and that could cause a data breach or ransomware attack. Investing in staff training could provide the staff of any company with the needed knowledge and awareness to detect and prevent the most common attempts of hacking. And it is a crucial part of building the cybersecurity posture of any organization. 

Myth #3: Cybersecurity is a one-time effort and a single investment

Unfortunately, there are some common myths about the frequency of cybersecurity efforts and investments. Managers and C-level representatives often imagine the whole process as building a digital security wall that will remain there forever once done. Your efforts in cybersecurity are like the ones you make for digital marketing – they need to be constant and continuous to bring results. 

Cyber threats change and evolve, and so should your defensive strategy. On the other hand, several measures and practices should be done at least once a year – like penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, especially if you have to cover compliance standards or similar regulations. 

Every business needs a trusted cybersecurity partner

While it is true that every business should invest in cybersecurity and find trusted and reliable experts to help in that task, the CyberSec industry should also put much effort into raising awareness and educating the public about the importance of cybersecurity. That is something we at 3Cyber-Sec deeply believe in and try to do every day.  

We have helped many businesses achieve compliance and build their cybersecurity from the ground up. If you need trusted and expert advisors that can deliver outstanding results – give us a call! We will be happy to consult you! 

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